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Shipment and Tracking.

Project Description

Imports, Exports, Shipment and Tracking


We offer, with our partners, a comprehensive range of In House services from arrival at UK ports including:

  • Customs Clearance
  • Transportation to customer or via our warehouse
  • Warehousing (including Bonded)
  • Ancillary services including Pick and Pack, Sampling, Labelling
  • Retail Packing and Preparation


We offer, with our partners, a comprehensive service from Ex Works UK including:

  • Collection from suppliers
  • Consolidation Services
  • Packing, warehousing, inland transport
  • Multiple transport services
  • Overseas destination services
  • Consular & Documentary advisory bureau

Shipment & Tracking

Upon collection of goods from your supplier, you will be advised of the specific sailing route. This takes into account both the scheduled dispatch and availability dates and the optimisation of FCL cargo. This enables you to maximise freight savings and to take advantage of the often greater savings and cash flow benefits of a just-in-time service.

On acceptance or modification of this proposal, you will be advised of the actual dispatch date and ETA of the cargo.

Container loading plans are advised by fax or email. Containers can be loaded to your specification, facilitating both off-loading at the final warehouse and multi-depot drops.

Receipt of essential documents (e.g. Certificate of Origin, Export License) from your supplier is confirmed and its accuracy is checked.

Actual arrival date is confirmed to the customer and thereafter progress as to clearance and inland delivery is reported daily.

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