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Customs Warehousing.

Project Description

Customs Warehousing & Broking

Customs Warehousing 

In addition to our extensive general warehousing services we are also a customs warehouse (or colloquially a bonded warehouse). This enables us to store goods on behalf of customers without the necessity to pay duty or VAT.¬† Goods remain ‘bonded’ to HM Revenue & Customs until required and can be cleared by us at any time in whole or in part and distributed.

This facility is a great aid to cash flow and is especially useful if stock has been purchased in whole or in part for advance orders.

Customs Broking

As a customs bonded warehouse with agency representation covering all UK sea and airports, we are ideally placed to deal with the complexities of bringing product through UK customs including the provision of relevant import codes.

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  • Date February 14, 2013
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